Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lemon soufflés

Me with my lemon soufflé
Am I brave or just plain foolhardy?!
At an unknown time too early on a Saturday morning (past midday) I attempted to make lemon soufflés.
I had to slightly improvise on the recipe as I didn't have enough cream or a measuring jug. (This is what happens in the recession.)
They appeared to look soufflé like, but tasted slightly like lemony scrambled egg which was surprisingly edible, and dare I say,TASTY?!


  1. Lemon souffles, mmm I got to try. I think I have some cream in my fridge - but maybe not enough.

  2. don't worry- I didn't have enough cream either! I substituted with a bit more milk which made the mixture a bit thinner.