Monday, 19 December 2011

Soupe à l'oignon (onion soup)

French onion soup avec gruyère croutons

enough onions to make up 8 averaged sized onions (I used 10 red and white onions and a couple of shallots- oooh matron!)
2/3 beef stock cubes to make 1.2 litres
copious amounts of DARK beer- I used 200ml - DO NOT USE STOUT!
herbs de provence
pepper salt
bay leaf- optional
about 200g gruyère cheese
Finely slice the onions and fry in a knob of butter until browned. This can take over 30 minutes.
When the onions are nearly browned, sprinkle the herbs over the onions.
When the onions are browned, add the 1.2 litres of stock and beer to onions and simmer over a low heat for an hour. Season with pepper and salt.
About 5 minutes before you serve, slice some baguette and top with grated gruyère cheese.
Put the croutons under a preheated grill until the cheese has melted.
Serve the onion soup with a crouton or two floating on top.
You can fry the onions in oil but I would suggest you don't as it can leave unsightly globules of oil.
Be careful to not let the mixture reduce! If it does like mine did, add more water or beer.
If you use a bay leaf, put it into the soup when you are simmering the soup for an hour, and take it out prior to serving.
This recipe serves 8.
The soup keeps for about 3 days after it has been made (refridgerate if keeping for later use).

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