Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dean Street Townhouse

After confirming my booking from a very chirpy man on the other end, I have high hopes for Dean Street Townhouse. Situated in "the thick of buzzing Soho" (their website), they're slap bang in the heart of the West End, just down the road from Burger and Lobster.

The dining room is half full when H and I arrive, and two things immediately strike me...Firstly, the service is very good. The man at the desk (maitre d? host?) greets me like he knows me, "ah, Chloé", and after being shown to our seats, water is instantly yet discreetly served. Unfortunately the lighting is somewhat lacking. As a glasses-wearing individual, I need all the light I can get. So whilst I'm sure they save a lot of energy, it's not convenient for reading the weekend papers.

Coffee (£3.75)
After seeing the menu, I opt for the Lorne sausage, tattie scones, and fried egg (£7) which sounds promising. A Lorne sausage is a flat sausage, a bit like a pattie made out of very moist sausage meat. The fried egg was done perfectly with a runny yolk and a cooked white. I did have a slight issue with the tattie scones though...The tattie scones (Scottish potato farls) were a bit chewy and greasy. I'm not sure if it was excess oil from the sausage, but it was just a tad too indigestion inducing. It could have done with some tomato relish or a good dollop of brown sauce, but aside from that it was pleasantly enjoyable, made better by the fresh carrot juice (£3.75).

Lorne sausage, tattie scones and a fried egg (£7)
H had the Full English breakast (£12); the Black Pudding was delicious and everything else was good too. 2 coffees came to £7, a bit steep even for a good coffee!
Full English Breakfast (£12)

Dean Street Townhouse is the kind of place where people come to be seen, a bit like the Delaunay. After thinking we saw Pete Townsend (still undecided whether it was him or not) we were excited as to which jet setting cockney we'd see next. I mean the people next to us sounded famous...There were also your fair share of families, well-dressed ladies, and plenty of Americans.

It's definitely worth a visit if you want to experience a posh breakfast in London, but for the price, you could have twice as much somewhere with twice the taste.

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