Sunday, 21 April 2013

Vivat Bacchus

Less than 30 seconds from London bridge station Vivat Bacchus is a pretty convenient location! There is also another branch in Farringdon.
The small chain describes themselves as "European cooking with a South African twist".

Ambience: Even though only a third of the seats were filled, there was a lively atmosphere. The restaurant was mostly filled with thirty-something professionals who'd come from a long day at work judging from the copious amounts of red wine being drunk. The restaurant played modern pop music but when you go to a fusion place you want fusion food.

What did I have?: £14.95 for 2 courses, £17.95 for 3 courses. For main course I had braised oxtail with lentils and mash, and for dessert I had a slice of chocolate torte with a caramel sauce and creme fraîche. The oxtail was meltingly good and lentils were not too hard, but the mash was a tad floury. The best part of the main was the green salad that came with it which had a wonderful dressing. The oxtail was drowned in a rich sauce (too thick for a jus, not quite a gravy,) which was tasty with the lentils. The portion size was massive, a great big bowl. Now I have an appetite, but I only managed half of it. Some of the food was quite salty, so don't come here if you've got high blood pressure. The torte was eggy and heavy and not complemented by the creme fraîche. The caramel sauce on the other hand gave a hint of saltiness, taking away from the bitterness of the torte.

Service: The staff were discreet, but picked up on the fact it was my grandma's birthday and gave her a glass of champagne on the house.

Would I go there again?: Hm. It's a decent (London) price for ostrich and kangaroo.

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