Monday, 2 January 2012

5 minute champagne breakfast!

You will need:
2 eggs
pepper (as in pepper and salt)
smoked salmon
a bottle of champagne
2 oranges

5 minutes:
put the champagne in the fridge
crack the eggs in a cup and beat furiously whilst adding pepper and salt to season
put the pan on the hob with a bit of butter and heat

4 minutes:
juice the oranges

3 minutes:
pour the egg into the pan
get the smoked salmon out of the fridge
stir the egg around the pan

2 minutes:
you can either chop up the salmon and add to the scrambled egg in the pan, or you can serve it on the side of your plate. I f you put the salmon into the egg, do it now!
stir the egg
open the champagne

1 minute:
pour the champagne into a glass and pour orange juice into it
put your egg (and smoked salmon onto a plate)

0 minute:

You can always leave out the juice or replace with a different juice- pineapple juice is especially tasty with it!
Replace smoked salmon with ham or bacon.

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