Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Black Forest

Today was my first day in Germany's Baden-Baden (literally Bath-Bath) and we started off by going to the local market. It was absolutely amazing, but there were some vegetables I had never ever seen before (pictures up later). After the market, we went on a hike in the Black Forest and viewed so much fantastic scenery (again, pictures up later). Right at the top of the hills/mountains there was snow. SNOW. Last week I was getting a tan, this week I am having snowball fights! We rambled around the forest for over 3 hours and covered at least 10km. It was only suitable to have Black Forest Gateau from the restaurant at the bottom. There was so much kirsch in the cake, and as much cream as sponge. If this is how it is supposed to taste I will DEFINITELY not be having it again. In fact next time I'll stick to a blueberry tart or a lemon cheesecake...

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