Thursday, 13 October 2011

Blood Orange and Champagne Panna Cotta Crush

Blood Orange and Champagne Panna Cotta Crush

(This picture is from the Marks and Spencer website)

This is not a panna cotta. Sure it is set and has a creamy texture, but it just tastes like flavoured cream. I do not understand where the champagne comes in. And what are the jelly lumps on top all about?! Once you have scraped the jelly lumps off, it is quite pleasant, but definitely not for £3.79 (for 2!). I got them for 50p reduced, and for 50p they are worth it.

I just can't get over the fact it is not a panna cotta! aaaaaaaaahhhhh


  1. hi,Chloé
    know how the recipe is?


  2. I don't have a recipe, but if I was going to recreate it, I would follow this recipe (for the panna cotta), and make a very intense orange jelly to pour on top. Once you have poured it, halve a few jelly cubes, and put a little over each panna cotta.

    Hope it helps!

  3. Good mornig and good day!
    I tried the recipe and here is the result.
    Hope you enjoy.